Artistry In Your Hands | The Wedding Album


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Hi, I'm Marissa

Every family deserves a wedding album. We believe that the moments we document hold a much deeper purpose than that of social media and they are meant for more than to live on the screen of a device. The photographs of your wedding day should be held, passed around, laughed and cried over, and most of all, they should be organized and preserved in a way that allows you to relive the day in the most artful manner. The wedding album is a gift to enjoy today as well as to share with those yet to be born.  

Simply put, the wedding album is undeniably a must for every couple!  

I feel that such responsibility and honor in crafting this heirloom for our clients. It’s the final piece to protecting the story we were trusted to document. Since our clients are settled in destinations all around the globe, it is a rare opportunity for us to deliver a wedding album in person. We knew that this would be an adventure we would never forget. Not only were we blessed enough to align our schedules with Alana & Mike, but we also documented a few family portraits. 

We began with the understanding of who our clients are as individuals and what their wedding album will mean to them as well as their family. After reviewing the full gallery, Alana shared a selection of photos to be considered for the album design. We went through several rounds of edits and worked closely with Dekora Album to customize every detail. This book is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and within the pages, is an incredible story of how this family came to be. 

For photographers, the process of offering and selling a wedding album can feel overwhelming. No one enjoys the feeling of desperation or fear. In the video below, we offer our wisdom on this topic. When you shift your focus from your fears, to the clients’ best interest, you begin to let go of your own insecurities. The truth is that you are empowering your clients when you offer a wedding album, and by doing so, you are serving them to the best of your ability! 

We hope to personally deliver many more wedding albums, and we also hope that you’re feeling inspired. Whether you are preparing for your own wedding or if you are the documenting the celebration, wedding albums should be in your thoughts. When it comes time to select the lab, Dekora Album is our recommendation!

Enjoy the film below. We’ll see you there!