Califronia Hwy 1 Engagement Session at Bixby Bridge


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Hi, I'm Marissa

Brooke & Reid

This is not your average engagement session. If I’m being honest, most of the engagement sessions we document are all one-of-a-kind sessions. We encourage our clients to think and dream bigger and most clients come to us for this bigger vision. It is our mission that every client we serve receives something far greater than simply photos and a film. It is the deeper meaning that we seek to bring forth in every engagement session. These photos will be a reflection of who they are together in this moment of their lives, and they will be cherished for generations. I may be over explaining here, but friends! This is a big deal!

We work with our clients to define the overall goal for the shoot. To do this well, we must begin with the destination. We eagerly seek to travel to unique landscapes, architectures, and cultures. Our clients tend to feel this same passion for the world and gain inspiration from those experiences. We talk about the locations that are meaningful to them and what they feel would best express their relationship.

From the moment that we first spoke with Brooke and Reid we knew that our visions would align. They shared how special Carmel was for them since Reid had proposed to Brooke there. They’ve shared many memories in this area, and you guessed it. That’s where we centered our focus! 

With fashion styling by Gabreille Huwitz, we began to dream! We knew that to accomplish the shared goal, we would need more than one time together. So this shoot became a multi-day engagement shoot with three incredible looks all along the coast of Carmel. It was magical! This shoot definitely climbs to the top of my list of favorite engagement sessions. Enjoy the view!