Maui Engagement on 40 Acre Farm


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Life is a magnificent journey that always presents a path in our own best interest. We often don’t see the potential until it unfolds before our eyes. Anna & Walter knew each other almost their entire lives not knowing that one day they would choose to share life together.

Anna & Walter found themselves beginning life together on their 40 acre farm on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. This is an outcome that they had certainly never expected, but it’s one that surpasses their wildest imagination. This is a story of adventure, commitment, and love. 

Below is a glimpse into their lives on the farm. Documented through photographs and a tremendous film I highly recommend you watch – be sure to scroll down to view the full film!

We’re so happy for Anna & Walter, and we’re eager to see them again in October as they promise forever surrounded by those they hold dear.

After planting the tree together, Walter proposed to Anna. This tree will require 50 years to reach full maturity. This spot will be a sacred place for Anna, Walter, and their family for generations to come.