Land’s End | A Geraldine Magazine Exclusive


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Hi, I'm Marissa

This editorial has been hidden from the world for a year and a half as we patiently awaited the release of the sixth volume of the Geraldine Magazine. If you adore Aman resorts as much as we do, you’ll want to relax and enjoy the images below. This is the ultimate inspiration for a fashion-forward bride that seeks to express herself through the design of her wedding! 

Nestled in the Navajo reservation, Amangiri presents modern luxury in a wild and wind-carved Utah landscape. This spacious resort carries ethereal light through the lines and textures of the sleek sandstone architecture. Stepping foot on this incredible property leads to an immense feeling of inspiration and awakening. My hope is that you’re blessed with the same gift as you scroll through this feature.

Amangiri is a wonderful location for a modern, minimal, & luxury wedding. To view this editorial in print along with many other inspirational weddings, click here to purchase the Geraldine Magazine.

Design & Styling by Type A Society
Wardrobe by Daniel Tran
Beauty by Kenney Duy
Floral Design by Tellurian Events
Venue Amangiri
Stationary by Ideaemporium
Gowns by Ala Robe | Dan Jones