The newly updated program is the ONLY step-by-step approach that will empower you with clarity on how YOU impact your bookings, artistic development, creative fulfillment, and profits. Through result-driven education, you will discover the truth to confidently attract engaged, loyal clientele, stand out as an expert, and create a consistent stream of income while enjoying the freedom to choose who you work with, when you work, and how you work.

The most comprehensive program for building, growing, and scaling your photography business.

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You are right for the Wedding Photography Masterclass if you desire to say au revoir to revenue ceilings, feelings of burn out, confusion on what actually works, and to step into absolute fulfillment and peace in your career, personal life, and inner being.

The Wedding Photography Masterclass is right for you if you want to build a business that allows you to LOVE every moment of your life because you've designed your calendar year so you can work when you want, anticipate your revenie, and spend quality time with those you love doing what you love.

You're in the right place.

Before I tell you all of the details of the program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

Are you ready?

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

If you are...

A wedding photographer that is reaching financial goals, yet feeling burnt out from the demands of your current workload resulting in constant hustle, lack of control, loss of creativity and time, and a disconnect with those you love

A wedding photographer that feels stuck and sick and tired of budget shoppers that do not seem to understand the value you offer and fell fully aware that you are capable of so much more

A wedding photographer that has tried other courses without the desired results and is ready for the deeper truth to achieving vocational, personal and relational success. 

A wedding photographer that is in continual comparison loop and feels a loss of direction in your artistic development ready to unlock the true artist within

An employee or entrepreneur feeling confined in your current position and feel a call to build your own photography business the right way the first time.

You're definitely in the right place.

The Wedding Photography Masterclass will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparelled support to create an irrestible and profitable photography business that returns your joy, frees up your time, and adds a few zeros to your monthly bank statement.

By the end of the program, you will have...


Nailed Down Your Super Power

 Gain clarity and confidence in knowing what makes you and your services unique so that your business truly stands out in this industry.


Validated Your Client Aligned Offerings

No more replicas. 
You'll be guided to a deeper understanding of alignment and how your offerings attract the RIGHT clients.


Identified Your Artistic Direction

In a world of talent and comparison, there is a lot of noise that muffles your own voice. WPM trains you to narrow your focus so that your own artistry is discovered, explored, and expanded.  


Clarified A Remarkable Client Experience

At WPM, we believe in serving our clients above and beyond what they could ever dream in a way that feels natural and supports our own lifestyle. Discover how to authentically craft your very own client experience!


Defined Your Abundant Financial Strategy

Discover your inner beliefs around money, your habits, and what is holding you back. Create a clear plan specific to your dreams, your current circumstances, and your vision for freedom.


Marketed Like A Genius Attracting Ideal Clients, Publications, And Industry Reckognition

But, above all else...

The Wedding Photography Masterclass will help you create a business that you believe in so strongly that selling becomes second nature.

You'll wake up every morning eager and able to serve, and you'll finish every day feeling satisfied, energized, and inspired by the work you get to do.

All while enjoying enough financial margin to say NO to the bookings that that steal your time, energy, and joy.

I'm in!

We believe in the deeper things - that a fulfilling business should point to a fulfilling soul and life.

You only want to do this course work thing once... And you want to knock it out of the park the first time.

So don't settle for anything less than the best.

LIVE editing sessions of student photos


Support directly from Marissa inside of the private community


Lifetime access to ALL future updates to core program


Monthly coaching calls to dig deep  - every month


Explosive marketing plan laid out for you to follow

Additional guidance through interviews with industry leaders 


REAL behind the scenes of weddings, editorials, & engagements


Comprehensive + holistic education that combines photography mastery,
total business building, financial planning + investing, inner-self discovery,
and lifestyle creation


step-by-step, roadmap style teaching


1000+ hours of REAL heart-to-heart student coaching - not just the creation of courses to sell.


7 years of business and life coaching experience


13 years of wedding + fashion photography business experience




How does WPM compare?


“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer



“After working with Marissa, we went from $70,000 to $200,000 with half of the work! I spend more time with my daughter than ever before, and I'm falling in love with my business and life!”

"I will never be the same photographer as I was before. Marissa believed in me when I was about ready to give up. She helped me to take a step back and look at my brand - to see what it was missing and what it could be. 

The year before I started working with Marissa, we were overworked and undervalued. I was loving my job less and less because it was effecting my personal life. 

- Juliana Polkey

“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer



Plain and simple:

the Wedding Photography masterclass

changes lives and it's officially OPEN for enrollment!

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment is currently closed.


"I had just invested in another mentorship that fell wildly short of my expectations. However, Marissa completely changed my perspective. The best thing she supported me through was to put aside my self doubt. After all, I had just moved from the United Kingdom to Canada. I was navigating a new market that I knew absolutely nothing about - I dove in head first. 

Since beginning with the Wedding Photography Masterclass, I have clients all across the UK and Canada, my year is booked up, and I've also launched my very own workshop here in the east coast. I couldn't have done this without Marissa. I'm so excited to continue learning from Marissa, and I can't wait to see where may business goes."

- Jacqueline Anne


Booked her entire year full of dream clients after a move into a new market and began hosting her own workshops!

real results

"The Wedding Photography Masterclass is the best thing I've ever invested in! It has helped me build a successful photography business. That's so exciting to say because a little while ago, I didn't think that was possible. 
Thanks to this course and to Marissa - It's happening!

As good as the education, the person behind it is even better. I've never met someone that will support her students so much - just the way she believes in us. She's one in a million."

- Becky 


Leave your 9-5 job, and finally build the business you've been dreaming of

real results

Check out more student testimonials

Read stories from students all over the world all with different levels of experience. 

See more video testimonials →

more STUDENT wins

Are you ready?

What's inside of the 
Wedding Photography MAsterclass




The Onboarding Process + Genius Marketing Blueprint

Pre-Phase 1 | The Foundation
Phase 1 | Setting Goals
Phase 2 | Genius Marketing Blueprint
Phase 3 | Taking Action
Phase 4 | Building Awareness
Phase 5 | Attract & Book Dream Clients




Unbelievably Comprehensive Photography Mastery
12.5 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Part 1 | Fundamentals & Foundation of Epic Imagery
Part 2 | Next Level Photography
Part 3 | Emotive Imagery




Pricing For Profit + The Total Client Experience
3 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Pricing for Profit
Lesson 2 | From Inquiry to Booking (Complete Process)
Lesson 3 | Client Experience - Booking to Delivery
BONUS | Facebook Ads Set Up




Ideal Client Identification & Attraction Through SEO + Branding + Site + Copy Strategy
3 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Branding  - What It Is & Why It's Important
Lesson 2 | Website Strategies to Book More
Lesson 3 | The Art of Building a Portfolio & How to Blog
Lesson 4 | The Art of Copywriting




Genius Marketing + Networking 
2.5 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Uplevel Social Media
Lesson 2 | Vendor Relationships & Networking
Lesson 3 | Complete Marketing Plan for Your Dream Client




Intentional Marketing Campaigns + Publication How-To
3.2 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Gaining Clarity on Styled Shoots
Lesson 2 | Vision Development, Assembling the Team, & Preparation
Lesson 3 | Day of Shooting, Submissions, Building Interest, & Full Exposure




Everything Business 
2.5 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | LLC & Business Account Strategy
Lesson 2 | Complex Tax Guidelines
Lesson 3 | Investments & Retirement
Lesson 4 | What's Next?



Access To ALL Prior Group Coaching Calls
500 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

2019 Group Coaching Call Vault (Over 50 Call Recordings!)
2020 Group Coaching Call Vault (Over 50 Call Recordings!)
2021 Group Coaching Call Vault (Over 80 Call Recordings!)

But, That's not all!

The Wedding Photography Masterclass was built in 2018. Throughout the years, not only have the modules been updated, but the deeper conversations and questions from students led to the creation of more education.

When the market changes (oh man, has it changed in the last few years...)

Or, we discover a need or new way to serve, we update the program!

And, with LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the Wedding Photography Masterclass, you'll receive access to every single future update to the core program dropped directly into your library free of charge.

So you'll stay ahead of every challenge - not just in business but in the balance of this beautiful life, your self discovery, and most importantly, your soul fulfillment!

We keep it real, because we know that you are your business!

What's new?


Step into the most advanced education in the industry developed to bring massive momentum to the student that has completed the original Wedding Photography Masterclass. 

Check out the curriculum below:




Destination Photographer's Guide To Expansion
1+ hr HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Becoming a Destination Photographer
Lesson 2 | How to Structure Pricing for Different Locations




Luxury Sales And Pricing Strategy
2 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Understanding the Different Levels of the Industry
Lesson 2 | How to Create a High-End Pricing Guide




Advanced Brand And Portfolio Development
2 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Elevate Your Copy to Connect & Convert
Lesson 2 | BRANDING | Creating a Vision to Increase Recogntion
Lesson 3 | Guiding and Crafting Mood-Boards
Lesson 4 | THE RESULT | Guiding Your Clients




3 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | True Identity: Becoming Limitless
Lesson 2 | The Power of a Morning Routine
Lesson 3 | The Truth on Productivity & Multitasking
Lesson 4 | The Judgement Cure
Lesson 5 | The Balancing Act of Life and Work




The Art of Communication | Professionally And Relationally
3 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

LIVE Recording | Discovery Call with Potential Client
Lesson 1 | Tough Conversations - Part 1: Clientele
Lesson 2 | Tough Conversations - Part 2: Personal & Relational




Image Selection And Curation + IG Overhaul
1.5 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Lesson 1 | Process for Image Curation | BTS
Lesson 2 | Instagram Overhaul: Part 1
Lesson 3 | Instagram Overhaul: Part 2




Building Financial Freedom
4 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education

Part 1 | Lesson 1 | Money Confidence to Attract More
Part 1 | Lesson 2 | Creating Space for ABUNDANCE & Knowing Your Numbers
Part 2 | Lesson 1 | Protecting Your Financial Growth
Part 2 | Lesson 2 | Running Your Business Like a CEO
Part 2 | Lesson 3 | Profit & Loss
Part 3 | Lesson 1 | Projections & Planning
Part 3 | Lesson 2 | Financial Intelligence
Part 3 | Lesson 3 | Pricing as a Marketing Strategy



Exponential Sales Experience
4 hrs HIGHLY DETAILED Education


The Exponential SALES Experience Series:
Featuring 6 Value-Packed Video Trainings

"More valuable than a bachelor degree in photography and business!"

With just under 48 hours of education so far,
we couldn't agree more!
But, there's MORE!



access these bonuses to Help generate unstopable momentum (and keep it) all the way to the top


Never get left behind. That's my promise to you inside of the Wedding Photography Masterclass!

Our private, student-only Facebook group is an active and highly-responsive community full of supportive go-getters just like you. Meaning, you'll get unstuck in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months if you were to go at it alone. With myself, our team, and your peers in your corner, you'll turn isolation into inspiration - and frustration into fearlessness. 





$197 Value


Maintain momentum, clarity, and confidence with coaching sessions that are personalized to the community needs.

The Empowerment Sessions are a time to join Marissa live as she EMPOWERS you through new teachings each month that get you unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

Receive personalized attention, fast feedback, and a double dose of encouragement to keep you on track.

Student Favorites: screen shares that allow for live editing of their images, gallery critiques, and website reviews. 




$2,797 Value


As your business grows, you'll discover new feelings, challenges, and goals! This is when it's time to reset and remap! 

This topic is not discussed enough, and it's the number one reason entrepreneurs reach a "glass ceiling" and feel stuck. Sadly, most education is not designed to grow with you. This is not the case inside of the Wedding Photography Masterclass. This challenge is specifically created to inspire new levels of thought, clarity, and confidence so that you have certainty in the direction of your business. 




$497 Value | 1 hr on each topic

Reset And Remap In These Areas:

Goal setting + Fulfillment

health And Wellness



financial planning

brand audit

portfolio audit

Previous clients and pricing


Client Experience

Any time
of the year!


Access the knowledge and wisdom of leaders in our industry including high-end publication editors, planners, fashion stylist, designers, and photographers!

This section of the WPM program is like having the top experts of our industry in your back pocket eager to share their secrets with you! 

Have you ever wondered what planners are looking for in photographers? Or, maybe you just can't figure out what the editors of publications like Martha Stewart Weddings are looking for? Yep, we go there, and we go deep! 

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll have lots of "ah-ha" moments, and most of all, you'll feel an overwhelming sense of control and understanding by downloading the perspectives and intentions of luxury vendors. 

Never feel out of the loop again! 




$1,597 Value | 12 Guest Currently Available | 1 hr interviews

Frequently asking questions short cut

When you need a quick solution, you need it immediately. This is why we created a shortcut to all of the most common questions photographers face!

Although the modules are designed to be deep dives with high levels of detail, we understand that you often need answers quickly. That's why we've added these shorter versions that give you the answers in three to six minutes. 

Your time is valued, and the Wedding Photography Masterclass is designed to meet your needs regardless of your busy lifestyle.



$297 Value


REAL Behind the scenes

This isn't your highly edited type of behind the scenes. This is a raw and real look behind what goes into documenting editorials, engagements, and weddings.

Join Marissa has she guides you step-by-step through her process for documenting entire wedding days from start to finish so that you are empowered with clarity. 

Combining the classroom style of teaching along with this real in-action style of teaching, you'll gain a complete understanding of wedding photography at the highest level. 




$497 Value | 3 hrs following along the real nitty gritty 



Making and managing money should be fun! This planner ensures peace of mind knowing that you have a clear tracking system for your finances.

Are you ready for tax season to feel like a walk in the park?

You'll gain access to the same excel charts I utilize to track my financial statements, reconciliations, record and manage quarterly tax payments, and to monitor and finalize my profit and loss for a given year.

My CPA always raves about how these planners make her job so easy, and I'm handing over my exact process to you!




$197 Value


My oh my!

Are you feeling the abundance around the corner?

Do you feel like you've finally found everything you've been looking for in one place?

Inside the Wedding photography masterclass alone, you get...

15  Comprehensive Modules

Genius Marketing Blueprint

Photography Mastery

Discovery Call Plan For Guaranteed Bookings

Next Level Authentic Sales

Guide To Wedding Day Timelines

Profit Producing Follow Ups

Unshakable Self-Development

Financial Freedom Strategy



Literally everything you need to know to turn your passion into a soul-drivemn, profit producing business! 

When you add in the bonuses that simplify your path and magnifies your clarity....

That's a real world value of $9,582.

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment is currently closed.

more STUDENT wins

RISK-FREE 14-day

If we were back in 2009 and I was the one considering to invest nearly $1,000 on my dreams, my career, and my future - my eager heart would scroll to this section. (There weren't any resources like this back then)

I understand you!

I'm so confident in the results that you'll see if you take action and implement what you learn, that you're totally covered by this guarantee. 

If you're on the fence, or if other courses have left you feeling skeptical, I want to give you every confidence that the Wedding Photography Masterclass is different. It's ground breaking! 

I want you to experience how possible it is for you to succeed. 

If you don't love it, simply provide the links to show that you've followed the Genius Marketing Blueprint and gave the program a good faith effort before deciding it wasn't right for you, and we'll happily issue you a refund. 

You've got nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Here are a few burning questions fellow members asked before enrolling...

01. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the things I'm going to need to learn. How much time and effort is required?

We all lead busy lives. This is a very understandable concern.What I do know to be true is that every dream you see for your life will require your time and energy. My guarantee to you is that you will cut your required time and energy IN HALF by following the education that is laid out for you inside of the Wedding Photography Masterclass. 

This program is designed to fit into whatever lifestyle you led. So go your own pace! 

We believe that the optimal time commitment is one hour per day or every other day. When you need help, don't go it alone! Get the most value from your investment by showing up to coaching calls and posting in the private FB group!

It is so important that every single area of your skill, service, and business is developed thoroughly. If you have any holes in your business, your efforts won’t be as impactful. And, this course was developed and designed for this reason exactly - due to the smaller courses out there, photographers aren’t seeing the results expected. This isn’t here to help a little - this is meant to hit the core of your business and to completely revolutionize your ability to succeed. Otherwise, I would be doing you a disservice. 

Here is the cold hard truth, you must make a commitment to stay consistent with the education - slowly or quickly - at your pace. It's the small steps each day that add up to our dreams being realized. By following this proven process in this specific order, you’ll be 100% set up! I guarantee that you’ll achieve your desired success quicker than you dreamed!

02. I’ve taken other courses and didn't find results. How do I know this one will work?

Well there are other programs, and then there’s this program, and they are worlds apart. I can assure you that this program is the exact opposite. Most programs focus on one area and that’s dangerous. This is a to z. In this program, we’re all about action steps, getting out there into the real world and taking action. I know that nobody will find a profit with theory alone. All results in life come from taking action, and this program is a reflection of that. Every week starting from week one all the way through week 8, we get you to take action and implement things. There are action items to complete every week as well! 

This program is all about action - not about theory. Ya know, I know learning things can be fun. But, at the end of the day you’re here because you want to make more money, achieve more success, and you want to improve your life. That’s not going to happen with a lot of theories in your mind. This is an implementation program designed to get results! 

If you take action, do the work, you’re going to get results - that’s an absolute fact.

03. How quickly will I see results in my business?

This depends on you, your commitment, your focus, and dedication to learn! If you do your best, apply what you’ve learned in a timely manner, show up for the calls - you’ll see results within the first module - most of my students do. Others move slower and the results are also slower. There are many different variables. Some people see results really fast - just as you saw with my students that booked 5 weddings after only two weeks. Those that are dedicated, get in there, take the training, take action. 

There’s nothing wrong with those that take a bit longer, and there’s nothing wrong with that - you have the freedom to move through the program however you want in here.
This program is all about action - not about theory. Ya know, I know learning things can be fun. But, at the end of the day you’re here because you want to make more money, achieve more success, and you want to improve your life. That’s not going to happen with a lot of theories in your mind. This is an implementation program designed to get results! 

If you take action, do the work, you’re going to get results - that’s an absolute fact.

04. I work full-time. What if I'm not able to move as quickly?

You can move at your own pace! I’ve had many students begin with me while they were working full time, and they are all now free of their jobs - pursuing their photography careers full time! That’s exciting - life changing! So if you have a full time job, the time to act is now! It’s time to take action on how you want the rest of your life to go.

There’s nothing wrong with those that take a bit longer, and there’s nothing wrong with that - you have the freedom to move through the program however you want in here.

05. Will this work for me if I’m an advanced photographer? I’ve been shooting weddings for 10+ years like you, but I’m still not where I want to be.

Yes! This program is designed to help photographers in all walks of the journey. If you’re just getting started, this program will show you how to build your business the right way the first time and start getting bookings and making more money right away.

If you're already in business, you’ve found some success, but want more, this program will help you take it to the next level while revealing those holes we talked about earlier.

I've worked with photographers with 20+ years of experience, and within months watched their bookings increase, referrals from clients and planners skyrocket, social media followers rise, and their own inner peace and fulfillment elevated. It's like watching the passion be re-birthed! Wherever you are in your journey, you are in for a treat! 

06. Is everything available immediately?

YES! I don't believe in holding our students back in any way. When you become a member, you will receive access to everything!

- Katie Crane

Before joining, I felt like “oooh this was a big investment, I never invested this much into myself and my business.” Thank god I trusted my gut! For the amount of work, time and effort Marissa gives and provides to her students. I actually feel guilty that this program doesn’t cost WAY more!!"

"Wow…..what can I say about the Wedding Photography Masterclass (WPM) program is that it HANDS DOWN changed my life!!


Ready to bet on yourself and turn your passion into a business that is abundantly profit producing, soul-driven, and life-giving

It;'s your time!

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment is currently closed.

If you're thinking "this sounds amazing, but I'm still not 100% sure" keep reading...

You should give the Wedding Photography Masterclass a 14-day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:


You're tired of feeling like you're desperately waiting for (or chasing) clients that don't even feel like the right fit. 


You're burnt-out and overwhelmed, and you want your life back.


You're not afraid of putting in the work.


You recognize there is no "perfect time" and waiting is not the answer.


You've had enough of feeling trapped in your business with work that doesn't fulfill your creative heart nor does it provide the freedom you seek

still on the fence? 

Talk to someone who's been in your shoes!

When I'm about to make a big decision the most comforting thing is to speak to someone who has been there too.

Hundreds of wedding photographers have gone before you in building their own profitable photography business, and you have the opportunity to chat with one of them today to get a feel for how they felt before taking the leap to join WPM, what they've learned, and whether this opportunity is truly right for you.

This is your chance to join the 

Photography Masterclass, 

friend. So what's it gonna be?

Will you put your trust in me and the program that's helped hundreds of photographers to dream big and to carve their own path to a thriving business that added thousands of dollars to their monthly income?

Most importantly, their lives are fulfilled because we didn't focus on the surface. We touch the heart. Are you ready for this type of holistic transformation?

If the answer is a resounding 'Let's do this,' get yourself into the wedding Photography Masterclass, and let's get started today!

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment is currently closed.

courses aren't magic

You are the most powerful gift. There is no course that will magically bring you success. You are the key to your dreams, to increasing your income, to create true art that fulfills the clients you've always dreamed of booking! YOU ARE IT!

That's why there is nothing better to bet on. It's YOU!

That's why the Wedding Photography Masterclass brings an intense focus on you, your energy, your spirit, your joy, you life quality, your relationships, and your soul. 

How will you find the certainty you seek in the direction of your business if you aren't in tune with you?

This program is here to lay the foundation and to set a clear step-by-step path while also equipping you with the tools to dig deeper on what really matters most!

Once you begin to realize how unstoppable and unlimited you truly are, you'll become empowered to take your business in your hands! 

We don't offer a band-aid to the problems. No! We offer a path to unlock the chains at the source of the problem so that you are free!

Whether your heart's set on a business that grows your revenue, attracts dream clients that 'get it,' and feel the call to create a greater impact without stacking up your calendar creating more overwhelm...

Or, whether your desiring to book out your calendar because you're eager to build your portfolio with scroll-topping imagery but feel lost on how to guide your clients into that magical wardrobe, location, light, and the how to of managing the wildness of the day...

The Wedding Photography Masterclass can unlock otherwise untouchable levels of revenue, control, creativity, joy, and flexibility in your business. 

(okay... that feels pretty magical.)

But, here's a little insider scoop...

Not a single photographer in history has shown up to the starting line feeling 100% confident they have this wedding photography thing in the bag.

Very few feel like "experts."

Just about everyone asks, "Will anyone even like my photos? Will anyone want to hear what I have to say? Has this been done before? Will I ever reach my dreams?"

My friend, you are the why behind WPM. I created this program to slowly but surely replace those doubts with data-backed action.

Because, here's another pro tip:

It's not the smartest, most talented, tech-savvy, charming, or most "expert" photographers that go on to build wildly successful businesses. 

It's the ones willing to try, learn, fall down a few times, and get back up because they're committed to building a business and life based on what they VALUE MOST.

Friend, over 2 million couples will be looking for a wedding photographer each year, and this number is only rising. 

It's only when you discover you that will gain the confidence to show up in a way that attracts the clients that feel like best friends, that trust you, and that are willing to pay your premium rates - the one's you've been dreaming of!

That means taking massive action - right now - is a REALLY good idea!

These aligned clients will be googling, scrolling, pinning, portfolio digging, and hunting for YOU. Will they find you?

It's never been a better time to get in on the abundance and to touch the lives of families becoming one with your gift of photography while also blessing your own life.

THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU AT THE TABLE. I'm here to walk alongside you, every step of the way.

I can't wait to meet you, teach you, and cheer you on inside of the Wedding Photography Masterclass!

I believe in you and your dreams. It's your turn to believe in you now. Will you take the invitation?

I'm sending my love,


Join the Wedding photography masterclass today before enrollment closes

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment is currently closed.


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Number of times I cried about that


Number of podcast episode downloaded

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