A Fashion Color Story at Chateau de Villette


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The power of color is inescapable. Color has been explored throughout history, and many civilizations found great use for color. Today, color is a thoughtful part of any company’s brand and their marketing campaign, it’s intentionally used in our fashion and interior design, and there are those that also use color for the possibility of healing. 

Our response to color is deeply personal and is often impacted by our life experiences. Color is beautiful! Color creates emotion within each of us. We may experience a rush of adrenaline, a calmness to our frazzled thoughts, a since of certainty and security, or perhaps we’ll become elated with joy. Whatever you find, it’s a gift!

We’ve been profoundly inspired by the power of color, fashion, culture, and interior design throughout our journey in this craft. It was our hope to stir up our creative energy with an editorial that combines each of these elements, and a luxurious Paris getaway felt like the perfect place to begin our search. As we began to seek a location, Chateau de Villette gained our attention. 

Just outside of Paris, Chateau de Villette, also known as “Little Versailles,” shares the chief architects (François Mansart and Jules Hardouin-Mansart) and garden designer (André de Notre) with the Château de Versailles. Not only is the view breathtaking as you drive up, but it is equally as incredible when you step inside. Each room boast it’s own story that is unraveled through intoxicating color paired with French antiques true to the 18th century. 

Our minds went wild with awe and appreciation to do what we love at Chateau de Villette. May you feel as you peruse the color story that unfolds below. 


Energetic. Passion. Excitement.

Energetic. Passion. Excitement. This color will often make your heart rate increase. It’s a thrilling color that sparks fire in your mind’s eye.

We all desire more passion and energy in our lives, and we believe that the most rewarding and impactful lives are led by these two characteristics. We have the ability to cultivate passion and excitement in our own lives if we choose to rise above the noise to claim what is ours.

Here are a few tips to increase your passion and excitement:

1. Create a clear vision for your life. Write it down in complete detail. Be sure to include what you consider to be the most important factors in your life – in other words, at the end of your life, what would you regret?

This is YOUR WHY!

If you don’t have real driving factor in your daily life, how can you expect yourself to feel passionate about anything?

It’s time to live a life of intention!

2. Review this vision daily! Be willing to allow it to evolve and to evolve on its own timeframe.

3. Ask yourself each day, “What am I excited about today?”


Peace. Integrity. Confidence. Security.

Peace. Integrity. Confidence. Security.

In our online coaching program, the Wedding Photography Masterclass, we share many discussions surrounding fear of failure. We often mistake creative opportunities and a missed deadline as failure, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are all human, and we all experience fear, failure, and a sense of lack. However, the real impact comes when we make a stand to respond with a focus on the solution instead of the problem. You must stop asking, “What if I fail?” And, you must start asking, “How can I succeed?”

When we live in fear, we take actions that mirror the outcomes we do not desire.

By living each day in a sense of surrender, we gain peace, confidence, and security. As much as we may wish that we could control the outcome of our lives, we can’t. To gain control, we must be willing to let go.

We CAN choose where we place our focus and how we respond to each circumstance. When you push your way to your goals, you will experience a higher level of overwhelm, a lack of joy, and less confidence.

Try this next time:

When life doesn’t go your way, take a deep breath and let it go. Do not allow doubt, fear, or any negative emotions fill your mind. Instead, place your focus on the solution immediately!

I can’t tell you how many times I had a specific desired outcome that didn’t happen. In those moments of perceived loss, I let go of my expectations, and when I do, it’s pure magic! I gain CLARITY! My actions become more clear, and I’m able to move forward quicker.

Overtime, you will gain peace knowing that no matter what happens, you will be ok. You are an intelligent human.

You are capable of anything!

Growth. Abundance. Nature. 

I believe that growth comes with failure. We all prefer to not fail, but is it failure at all if we gain wisdom?

The key is how we allow ourselves to perceive our reality.

When you gain wisdom, the quickest way to abundance is through service. You will always gain more than you give. Always.

We all came into this world the same way, and we will all leave this earth. We all have heartbeat and breath in our lunges. Each an every single soul on this planet carries unlimited ability, talent, and possibilities. We are all worthy of a great life.

It is through the understanding of oneness that true growth and abundance can be realized.

What experiences have given you wisdom that may now be the stepping stone for someone else?

Seek to bring more value than anyone else, and you will live a life of abundance.



How would you live if you believed that you were royalty? Would you dream bigger and take more risks? Would you believe in yourself? Would you respect yourself more?

It is through our past experiences that we learn to identify who we are in this world. The sad part of this is that many time those same experiences are a result of what someone else has done to us. In other words, we gain our identity through other people, and it’s more than likely that this identity is a false identity filled with lack, failures, and let downs.

Many people never wake up from these lies. They go throughout their lives believing they can’t live a life of complete freedom and abundance.


Begin to work through these limiting beliefs about yourself. As you begin to identify the experiences of your past, make a choice to rewrite your memory by finding the truth. I have many memories that involve pain caused by someone else, and many of you will relate to this – If this is you, seek to find their innocence. Underneath their actions, you can always find an understanding of their intentions. Many times their actions came from a place of pain within their own hearts, and it overflowed to you.

Through compassion, we see for the first time.

This truth will set you free.

You are royalty.

It is our hope that this article has brought you hope, clarity, and a greater vision for your life. THIS IS YOUR ONE LIFE.

Make it count!

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